Understanding Fitting Rationales

You have lots of options when selecting a fitting rationale. But how do you know which is best for your patients? 

In our next Sonic Spotlight Series, webinar you’ll learn about the various fitting rationales and their different methodologies to prescribe gain for hearing loss and restore audibility for your patients.

First, we’ll cover the goals of amplification and how fitting rationales are vitally important in fulfilling these goals. 

Then, we’ll discuss specific fitting rationales including:

  • Desired Sensation level (DSL): seeks to select a frequency response appropriate for the client’s audibility requirements while avoiding loudness discomfort.
  • National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL): prescribes gain to equalize the perception of loudness over a range of frequencies. 
  • Best Fit Fast: proprietary fitting rationale from Sonic that emphasizes speech intelligibility and comfort. 

Finally, we’ll compare the first fit targets that are produced by each of the above fitting rationales to help you determine the best fitting rationale for your patients. 

Register today for this 30-minute CEU webinar so that you can help make Everyday Sounds Better for your patients!

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