Five Ways to Prepare for Your Hearing Evaluation

Whether you’re about to have your first hearing evaluation or you’re a returning patient, hearing care professionals all share the same goal: To give patients the tools they need to enhance hearing for life. The time you spend with your hearing care provider will always have significant value — this is where you’ll learn all the details of hearing health, and the ways they can benefit your life. But your appointment shouldn’t be a one-way conversation. While your hearing specialist will initiate the framework for a successful journey towards better hearing, you’ll also need to participate to ensure all your needs are being met. Get the most from your hearing appointment by following these simple steps:

  1. Bring background information. Why did you decide to get a hearing test? Do you have a family history of hearing loss? What kinds of medication are you currently taking? All these questions are not only relevant to your overall hearing health, but they’re also key facts your hearing care professional should be aware of. Providing this information will be integral in determining the best treatment options for you.
  2. Know your goals for achieving better hearing. Have you been struggling to hear phone conversations, or do you miss important details in conversations that take place in noisy environments? Can you hear some people better than others? Your hearing provider can deliver more comprehensive treatment plans when he or she knows each symptom and situation that poses the most obstacles for you in your daily life. Being aware of these things ahead of time and sharing them during your appointment will be essential to receiving recommendations that can address the issues that affect you the most.
  3. Ask questions. A hearing care professional enjoys the opportunity to explain hearing health to their patients. Hearing is an ever-evolving part of life, even for those who already wear hearing aids. Any questions you may have — whether they regard symptoms, medical terminology, hearing instrument technology, expectations for the future — are worth asking. Writing down your questions ahead of your appointment may also be beneficial, so you can avoid forgetting important things you wanted to ask. Remember: Asking more questions means you’ll receive more answers!
  4. Bring a friend or family member to your appointment. This is something many hearing care professionals recommend to patients, first-timers and experienced ones alike. Having someone you care about who can listen in and participate when appropriate can be advantageous for both you and your provider. This individual can help you digest all the information you receive, and may even be able to better explain how your hearing affects certain scenarios from his or her perspective.
  5. Do a little research on your own. Learn about new innovations in hearing aid technology, explore the variety of pre-existing products and discover the ways they may be able to help you. For example, did you know that Sonic has become the hearing industry’s fastest growing brand? That’s because we offer users a variety of hearing instruments that suit nearly every level of hearing loss. And each of our hearing aids utilize technology that keeps sound natural and enhances speech understanding in noise with added benefits users love, like wireless connectivity and discreet styling. Your hearing care professional will provide you with a variety of options, but knowing specific characteristics you’re looking for in a hearing aid can help streamline the selection process and ensure you receive a product that fits all your wants and needs.

Choosing to live a life with enhanced hearing means you’ll be able to embrace the experiences that are most special. At Sonic, our mission is to make Everyday Sounds Better for every one of the individuals who use our products. Are you ready for incredibly natural listening experiences? Find a hearing center near you, and ask your hearing care professional how Sonic hearing aids can benefit you!

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