Tinnitus Tête-à-tête: Free Webinar

Learn how to add value to your practice by offering a customized Tinnitus management program for patients with Tinnitus.

Each case of Tinnitus is different, which means patients need Tinnitus management programs designed especially for them. Register for our pre-recorded Tinnitus Tête-à-tête webinar for an introductory overview about Tinnitus and how hearing aids with sound generators may help.

 Here’s what we cover during the “Tinnitus Tête-à-tête” webinar:­

  • Tinnitus Review: Tinnitus affects 15% of the population across all ages and walks of life. To put it in perspective, that means someone you know may likely be affected. Learn the causes of Tinnitus, its demographics, pathophysiology—and which of your patients may be most at-risk for experiencing it.
  • Lifestyle Challenges for Tinnitus Patients: It might surprise you that for 32% of sufferers, noisy places make Tinnitus worse. Other challenges include both quiet and post-noisy situations and lack of sleep, to name a few. We’ll look at a study that investigates activities that most affect those who suffer from Tinnitus.
  • Sound Therapy Tinnitus Management: Sound generators are tools designed to manage a patient’s reaction to Tinnitus​ by​ adding sounds that are known to provide relief. We call our sound generator system ​Tinnitus SoundSupport, because it can be customized to assist patients with their unique hearing challenges. As hearing care professionals interested in keeping up with the latest technology​, ​the more knowledge you have about how sound generators work, the better equipped you’ll be to fit your patients with the right hearing aid.

Three topics, one hour. Consider it valuable training from the comfort of your office or home. We’ll make sure you understand the condition itself as well as the features and functions of the latest Sonic products. Top of the list is Enchant—our newest hearing aid and the first to be built on SoundDNA, with flexible Tinnitus SoundSupport. 

At Sonic, our dedication to better hearing means we are continuously pioneering new hearing technology for your patients and all hearing professionals. Sharing our research and our progress in a webinar is a great way to share that technology as well as the reasons behind it. The Tinnitus Tête-à-tête webinar is designed to keep you on board and up to speed. Log on to our free on-demand webinar today on AudiologyOnline and discover how you can make Everyday Sounds Better with a little help from Sonic.

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