Top Reasons Your Clinic Should Offer Tinnitus-Treating Devices

Research shows that 80% of patients experiencing Tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss. And most of these patients are not aware of their hearing loss because it’s relatively silent compared to their Tinnitus. However, while there is no known cure for Tinnitus, there are several ways you can alleviate symptoms for your patients — and doing so will increase the potential for both your clinic and your patients to thrive. From in-office tools like the MedRx Tinnometer, which brings an entirely new approach to Tinnitus assessment, to the latest Tinnitus-treating hearing devices like Sonic’s Enchant — offering comprehensive treatment options can simultaneously bring new business opportunities to your practice and benefit your patients for life.

Here are the top reasons your clinic should offer the latest Tinnitus-treating devices:

  1. Bring distinction to your clinic. Believe it or not, many clinicians avoid offering specific resources for Tinnitus treatment. Whether it’s due to a lack of experience, an unclear process for assessing Tinnitus patients or an assumed burden of testing and report writing — there are a variety of different reasons hearing care professionals refrain from specializing in Tinnitus treatment. But when your Tinnitus treatments are quick, comprehensive and therapeutic because you utilize products allowing for it, your physician referrals have the potential to greatly increase and your market position can grow. With resources like the MedRx Tinnometer, reporting and test saving are standardized to save time and increase accuracy. And the variety of sound therapy options in the Enchant family of hearing aids provide clear solutions for different types of Tinnitus symptoms. That means less time behind a computer and more time counseling patients.
  2. Create new advertising messages that attract patients. Studies have approximated that of the expansive US population suffering from Tinnitus, only 3% seek medical attention. Why? Most of these individuals are simply unaware that help is available for them. Positioning yourself as an expert in Tinnitus treatment and communicating this through advertising can expand your reach to new (and existing) patients. And streamlining the patient-to-clinic journey can increase your number of booked appointments. Furthermore, a case study from a hearing center in Florida showed how effective an advert was in bringing awareness to their new Tinnitus program — the clinic generated 16 appointments (averaged $28.12/per appointment), sold 3 hearing aids and increased ROI 366%!
  3. Provide needed services to the community. According to the American Tinnitus Association, 50 million Americans are living with this bothersome condition. With a population this high, this means there are likely an equally high number of individuals living in or around the community where your practice resides. Thus, the demand for your services should be there from those who need it most. What’s more — you can even provide more personalized support to meet your patients’ individual needs. With MedRx, you can generate a customized report specific to your assessment in as little as ten minutes. And with Enchant, you can demo up to four different listening programs to give your patients a taste of life undisrupted by Tinnitus, making your recommendations specifically on pitch matching.
  4. Grow your patient database and increase your revenue. Using devices such as the MedRx Tinnometer and Enchant hearing instruments allows you to fit into a broader spectrum of patient needs. And with a device that is NOAH™ compatible, saving and recalling your sessions becomes streamlined with standardized data exchange applications, storing patient, measurement and fitting information in one place. That means you can be more comprehensive in future monitoring, more accurate in tracking changes in your patients’ Tinnitus and make more specific recommendations for hearing devices. Offering breakthrough Tinnitus-testing software alongside state-of-the-art hearing instruments that fit nearly any lifestyle and hearing need is a combination made for your practices’ and your patients’ success.

Becoming a Tinnitus-treating clinic means you have opened hundreds of new opportunities for your business to thrive. If you’re looking for a specific software and hearing device that encompasses the latest features in Tinnitus treatment, look towards our blog. And if you’re ready to get started today, contact Sonic to discover how your business can grow. Let’s make Everyday Sounds Better, together.

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