Top 5 Reasons Why Every Hearing Practice Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Today, effective marketing in the crowded digital marketplace requires a comprehensive strategy that includes everything from search optimization to social media to support your brand and drive patients to your website—and in your door.

The best news is that digital marketing is complex, but not complicated, and with the right strategy it can be relatively inexpensive. Smart digital marketing relies on consistency and a strong branding message to make all of the moving parts work together.

Here are the “Top Five” reasons why every practice should have a digital marketing strategy:

  1. More Affordable: Digital marketing requires little overhead: no materials, printing, or stamps needed. Changes to messaging are fast and easy, allowing you to hone in on messaging that will get a response from your target customers. Dollar for dollar, you’ll get more leads online.
  1. More Precise: With today’s digital marketing tools, you can track and evaluate the performance of your efforts quickly and easily. Your decisions are data-driven, based on real-world results.
  1. More Reliable: Online, you can test different approaches to find out what works, while only paying for ad clicks and engagements. The result? Cost-effective ads targeted to your local market’s demonstrated preferences. That means more reliable conversions over time.
  1. More Exposure: The Internet is an unlimited terrain for building your brand. From social media profiles and business listings to retargeting ads, you can generate more leads by strategically placing your brand where your target customers will see it.
  1. More Connections: When you engage with a potential patient online, you are displaying your knowledge and approachability not just to that person, but to anyone else reading the exchange. Personalize your brand and expand your potential customer base at the same time.

Your future patients are online: on social media, searching with Google®, and reading Yelp®reviews. Digital marketing allows you to reach them everywhere they are. Invest your marketing dollars in trackable successes and harness the precision and reliability that only online marketing can offer. After all, patients are searching for your services online every day—but will they find you?

Sonic is partnered with AudiologyPlus, a team of digital marketing experts with over 20 years of experience in the hearing and digital marketing fields. Together, we’re ready to help you execute a digital marketing strategy to attract and convert more customers. If you’re ready to STEP up your online marketing game, call 1-877-329-2385 or visit to learn more.


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