Three Ways to Train with Sonic

Appreciating the value of hearing means ensuring our partners have every resource they need so that their patients — and their practice — can thrive. But the pace at which hearing technology evolves and improves gets faster all the time. This can make it hard to keep up. At Sonic, we offer a variety of trainings to keep you informed and at the peak of your game. What’s the best part? We do it in a way that works best for you. From E-Learning to On-Site trainings, there are several ways you can become familiar with new technology, introduce a new product line to your offerings, or refresh the skills and knowledge of your entire staff. And with the helpful training methods we provide, you can get started today:

E-Learning & Online Support

Quick and accessible, our online webinars and trainings make learning easy from virtually anywhere. With ready-made learning courses via AudiologyOnline, we post a tremendous range of on-demand programs providing an in-depth look into just how our technology and products work. Simply log in to access free Sonic product introductions, training videos, webinars and more. These training courses are a fantastic way to see and hear from Sonic directly, while viewing at your own convenience. For those who seek continuing education credits, E-Learning is an ideal option. CEUs are available for many of our courses directly from AudiologyOnline.

We’re all about simplicity at Sonic. And our Online Support makes viewing information or demos effortless; we’ll take you through every step. With your permission, your support representative can remotely access your computer to assist with software installation or help you with an EXPRESSfit® fitting session. We can even give impromptu presentations, right on your computer screen, at your own convenience. Call the Sonic Hotline at any time for spur-of-the-moment assistance, or to set up an appointment for a time that’s most convenient for you.

Hotline & Fitting Support

There’s nothing better than one-on-one communication with someone who can actively answer your questions or concerns. That’s why phone support at Sonic is handled by our own in-house professionals. That means you can rely on the keen insight from representatives who understand your business and patient needs, as well as knowledgeable Audiology Support staff who offer comprehensive fitting advice and more.

Our Customer Care Representatives help in many ways, from placing BTE and RITE orders, researching the status of existing orders and even assisting in the selection of specific product features or other options. Our Audiology Support Representatives are Hearing Care Professionals like you, and they use their expertise to assist in the installation and use of our much-loved EXPRESSfit Fitting System. What’s more, we also offer remote training covering more specific topics, products and software. Whatever your question or concern, the in-house professionals at Sonic will do everything in their power to address your issues in a friendly and efficient manner. Just give us a call to begin!

On-Site Training

Besides our Online Support, E-Learning opportunities and Phone Hotline, we also offer several ways to receive detailed, in-person training. If you’d like to get your entire staff involved or another large group, Sonic professionals can come directly to you. Training in your own office means you have the advantage of personal interaction, plus you’ll be using the equipment and resources you’re already familiar with. In some cases, we can even offer CEUs. To schedule an on-site training session, call the Sonic Hotline today.

The ways you and your team can train with Sonic are vast — from Online Support to Phone Support, E-Learnings to On-Site Trainings. Our priority is to give the resources that benefit you the most. We envision a world where all people can enjoy the sounds that enrich everyday life, but the best way to truly make Everyday Sounds Better is to collaborate with those who share a similar focus on providing real solutions for every hearing need. With a phone call, email, or in-person conversation, you can discover all the ways your patients can thrive on their journey towards better hearing. And how your practice can help make that happen.

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