SmartMusic: Making Musical Moments Magical

Do your patients love attending live music events? For those wearing traditional hearing aids during the show, they’ve likely voiced their disappointment in the poor sound quality. Originally, hearing instruments were developed to process speech, not music. While recent technologies allow for music and speech processing, many devices process the two similarly which causes conflicts for wearers, especially during events such as concerts. Oftentimes live music sounds muffled, distant, distorted and generally unclear. But now, we’ve changed the way hearing aid users experience live music. How? By creating our SmartMusic feature in the Sonic SoundDNA platform, available exclusively in Enchant.

With a variety of dynamic features, sound distortion can virtually be eliminated and the gap between intensity and clarity is bridged. Here’s a glimpse into how SmartMusic is revolutionizing musical experiences for hearing aid users:

  • Increasing input limits: Many existing digital hearing instruments limit incoming sound at 95 dB, but live music is typically experienced up to 113 dB. This gap makes it difficult for wearers to perceive loud sounds clearly. SmartMusic’s Fixed Extended Dynamic Range increases input limits to a fixed 113 dB SPL, preserving the peaks in music before Speech Variable Processing (Sonic’s proprietary DSP) occurs, to create exceptional sound quality.
  • Faster processing: The Fixed Extended Dynamic Range works together with fast-acting Speech Variable Processing to create a beautiful balance between the harmonic energy of low and high frequencies. High frequency harmonics are especially important for judging timbre, the difference between musical instruments playing the same note at the same intensity. Fast processing speed (thousands of times per second) treats musical signals simultaneously, resulting in a crisp, clear and enjoyable sound for your patients.
  • Extended bandwidth: Live music has broader frequency ranges compared to speech — that’s why we’ve developed SmartMusic’s Wideband Frequency Response, which allows for seamless adaptation to these signals. By increasing upper cutoff frequencies, this feature helps create balanced, natural sound experiences.
  • Intuitive adaptability: With optimized controls made specifically for music, users won’t have to worry about adjusting their hearing instruments for each distinct sound experience. Features such as noise reduction minimize distracting environmental sounds and fixed directional microphones help eliminate noises from behind, allowing wearers to focus on the best part of the show, the stage!

Music affects our emotions in many ways. It can evoke happiness, excitement and even an elevated sense of connectedness to those around us. The use of hearing instruments should enrich, not interfere, with the ability to experience these emotions and truly enjoy life’s moments.

If you’re a hearing care professional looking to discover more about the dynamic features of SmartMusic on the SoundDNA platform, check out our webinar on AudiologyOnline. And don’t forget to contact us to learn all the ways we can help your patients reach the perfect harmony and make Everyday Sounds Better!

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