Say Goodbye to Disposable Batteries with ZPower

Improving lives through enhanced hearing. This has been, and will always be our commitment to hearing health and hearing loss communities. It’s the reason our mission is to make Everyday Sounds Better and it’s why we constantly evolve with the ever-changing hearing healthcare landscape.

You already know about our latest family of hearing instruments, Enchant — the first to be built on our revolutionary SoundDNA platform. But now, we’re taking this innovation to the next level by offering an extremely sought-after accessory among hearing aid users: rechargeable batteries. Introducing Enchant’s ZPower — a popular accessory that allows your patients to say goodbye to changing batteries in their hearing aids. From remarkable energy efficiency to optimized streaming time, Enchant’s ZPower accessory is changing the way patients live life with their hearing instruments, here’s how:

  1. Single charge, full power. Enchant brightens everyday experiences with its adaptive, flexible and automatic capabilities. When paired with ZPower, wearers can enjoy even more confidence as it provides all-day power after one overnight charge. That means no more changing batteries during the day, only a single charge at night. And ZPower’s proprietary silver-zinc microbattery technology allows for hundreds of recharges without losing significant energy — no rechargeable on the market has more energy than these microbatteries1.
  2. Optimized streaming time. Hearing instruments are always active and operating — this drains battery life quickly and easily. Traditionally, disposable zinc-air batteries have powered hearing aids, but the power demands of hearing aids have significantly increased with the introduction of wireless streaming and adaptive technologies like feedback algorithms and noise management systems. But when the power-efficient 2.4 GHz and NFMI wireless protocols of Enchant’s Dual-Radio System meet ZPower, power demands are optimized, and battery life lasts even longer. Even with prolonged streaming use, Enchant’s ZPower batteries can last up to 18-19 hours a day! And its silver-zinc cells have up to 88% more energy than the leading NiMH microbatteries, and 22% more energy than Li-ion cells in the smallest Li-ion cell available today1.
  3. Non-toxic, energy efficient and environment-friendly. Hearing aids are an investment in one’s overall health. The products they choose to wear should always be safe, durable and long-lasting. At Sonic, each of our products include recyclable and recycled materials, and meet the highest standards (FDA, European conformity and Federal Communications Commissions) for ensured user safety. ZPower’s VP of Business Development, Barry Freeman, Ph.D. stated, “in devices such as hearing aids, which are worn on the body, safety is everything.” That’s why we’re proud to offer this accessory to our wearers. Not only does it perfectly complement our dedication to safety and stability, but as a fully-recyclable and mercury-free product, ZPower batteries use a water-based chemistry which makes them non-flammable and 100% safe for medical device technology. That means no leaking toxins or accidental fires from mishandling for your patients. What’s more, ZPower batteries are environmentally friendly. One set of ZPower batteries replaces over 100 zinc-air batteries, preventing them from ending up in the landfill1!

Hearing aids literally change the way people experience life. With Sonic, there’s always a model and technology level with features to fit every lifestyle and hearing need. And with our latest ZPower accessory, this promise has become even stronger. Being a dependable source of information, supporting and providing the latest innovations means your patients can become empowered to take control of their hearing health — especially when they no longer have to worry about constantly buying and changing the batteries in their hearing aids. Discover how to enrich your practice with new products and help your patients continue to thrive. Contact us today to make Everyday Sounds Better with Enchant’s ZPower!




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