Our Newest Enchant Custom Devices Expand Hearing Possibilities for More Patients

During our 30-minute AudiologyOnline webinar, you will find out how our latest Enchant custom devices bring better hearing solutions to you and your patients. Register now to learn how new Enchant40 and Enchant20 add two essential options to the current line-up of Enchant100, Enchant80, and Enchant60, all based on our SoundDNA platform.

With four custom styles and five performance levels to choose from, you can now offer the benefits of accurate processing, personalized fitting, and a natural hearing experience to more patients.

Enhanced speech and reduced noise

We’ll explore how different Speech-in-Noise (SPiN) technologies work together to automatically differentiate between speech and noise and immediately reduce unwanted sounds.

Configured for a better first fit

Patients want smaller and smaller instruments. We’ll discuss how Enchant custom models use a variety of venting, amplifier, and battery configurations to improve the fitting process for patient and professional alike.

Ready for the world of streaming

Streaming phone calls and entertainment is now part of everyday life and we’ll look at the different ways audio can be streamed to Enchant devices—directly for iPhone® or iPad® users and via the SoundClip-A for Android™ and other Bluetooth® devices.

Rechargeable battery options

Rechargeable battery systems are increasingly preferred by hearing device users. We will review the benefits of the ZPower rechargeable battery system, how it works, and how it can provide all-day convenience and fewer interruptions.

Tinnitus support

And for those patients who need tinnitus support, we’ll discuss the sound generator system that’s offered at all performance levels, providing relief sound options customized for each patient’s individual needs.

There are more Enchant developments that will be covered in our concise 30-minute webinar. So get the complete story on “The Newest Enchant Offering,” Wednesday, September 19th at 3pm ET, and make Everyday Sounds Better for your patients, starting today.

Register now for our latest AudiologyOnline webinar.

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