Instinctively Smart, Irresistible Intuition: Meet Enchant

Introducing Enchant, our most automatic, adaptive and flexible hearing aid technology to date. As the first hearing aid built on our revolutionary SoundDNA technology platform, Enchant accurately detects changes in the environment with smart sound processing and coordinated noise reduction technologies highlight conversation while keeping distracting noises to a minumum. With Enchant, sound is optimized so patients can keep up even in the most complex hearing environments, making Everyday Moments Magical.

Join us for our Meet Enchant  on-demand webinar, in which we’ll take you through each of the multifaceted benefits of our breakthrough innovation. From three technology levels to an exciting combination of faster performance and enhanced functionality, Enchant delivers incredibly natural sound in a brand-new way, so your patients can get the most of life’s moments.

Are you ready to include an instinctively smart listening experience as part of your practice offering? Get a peek at what’s in store:

  • Learn how Enchant’s SoundDNA Platform enables automatic detection and adaptation to each listener’s auditory world, keeping speech clear, noise to a minimum and sound interactions remarkably natural
  • Gain a strong understanding of SmartCompress and how it controls compression in speech-in-noise environments, as well as controls gain in non-speech environments with Speech Variable Processing (SVP)
  • Discover how the new SPiN Noise Management System coordinates noise reduction and directionality in one adaptive and flexible system
  • See how Dual-Radio System offers users the best of 2.4 GHz and NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) wireless technology, for fast and direct connectivity without the need for a “go-between” device

When these trailblazing features are paired with EXPRESSfit Pro, our acclaimed, easy-to-use fitting software, fittings are even more fine-tuned — so you can provide individualized hearing solutions that make Everyday Moments Magical.

At Sonic, it’s all about elevating Sound that is natural, Speech understanding in noise, Simplicity in everything we do and Style that stands out. That’s why Enchant is changing the game to the benefit of patients and professionals alike. Meet Enchant with our on-demand webinar today, and learn how brilliant sound quality and listening comfort in any environment is possible.

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