New! Captivate Delivers Natural Sound With Fewer Distractions.

Easier listening, with detailed sound and fewer distractions — that’s what’s new about Captivate on the SoundDNA platform. At our one-hour @AudiologyOnline webinar, “Captivate – What Life Sounds Like,” on Thursday, March 21 at 4:00pm ET, you’ll learn about our new technology that provides better control of feedback and background noise. There’s also a built-in Lithium-ion battery, available in the Captivate miniRITE T R, that can power patients through a busy day on a single charge, even if they’re streaming TV, music, and more.

A more open fit with less risk of feedback.

Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro combines two systems for advanced feedback control. One uses a feedback monitor, an adaptive filter and phase cancellation to suppress feedback from stable conditions. The other system manages feedback associated with sudden, unpredictable changes to the feedback path. We’ll discuss the details behind this innovative feedback solution that allows for improved audibility of soft speech and a natural, own-voice sound through a more open fitting.

Lithium-ion rechargeability with all-day power, even with streaming.

Captivate miniRITE T R is a hearing aid with Telecoil  that also includes an integrated Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Rechargeable  battery and dedicated charging system. Following a short charging time, typically 3 hours, patients can enjoy a full dayof power, even when connecting to their accessories. This robust system can withstand several years of repeated charging without requiring replacement. We’ll discuss the many benefits for both professionals and patients of this latest user-friendly advancement.

More detailed sound overall and improved speech understanding in noise.

Our SoundDNA platform in Captivate continues to evolve, and we’ll bring you up to date on the latest benefits. You’ll learn:

  • How our unique digital signal processing strategy and our adaptive compression system work together to provide natural and detailed amplification
  • How shifting high-frequency signals offers better access to speech cues
  • How extending the dynamic range keeps loud speech clear
  • How managing noise at different signal-to-noise ratio levels helps your patients where they need it most
  • How wireless technology is used to offset unpredictable noises that affect one side more than the other
Connecting patients to the digital world.

Wireless connectivity is a necessity for today’s hearing aid users. Captivate has a dual-radio wireless system, and we’ll discuss the advantages of this 2-in-1 solution. There’s a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth system that allows patients to stream audio directly to their hearing aids through their iPhone® or via our wireless accessories. There’s also a Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) system, providing fast and efficient ear-to-ear communication.

No discussion of connectivity would be complete without an overview of what If This Then That (IFTTT) can do to change the lives of hearing loss patients. We’ll look at how Captivate can connect with all kinds of digital devices for a more personalized hearing experience.

Online and in the real world, Captivate uses innovative technology to immerse patients in the sounds of life. “Captivate – What Life Sounds Like,” on Thursday, March 21 at 4:00pm ET, will give you a deeper understanding of how the latest hearing aid technology can make Everyday Sounds Better  for you and your patients. Save the date and register today!

* A full day is 18 hours. Available May 2019.




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