Hear the Benefits of SoundDNA: Free Webinar

In case you haven’t already heard, Sonic is now the hearing industry’s fastest growing brand. Our dedication to delivering sound that’s natural, speech understanding in noise, simplicity and style has enabled us to pioneer new innovations like Enchant, the very first family of Sonic hearing instruments built on our SoundDNA technology platform. Just as DNA is the molecular structure for all living things that enables our growth, development and functioning, SoundDNA is the technological structure that enables Sonic hearing aids to function with extraordinary advances in processing power, speed and capabilities.

Our new SoundDNA platform empowers our most automatic, dynamic and flexible hearing aid technology to date. With on-demand access to our SoundDNA Webinar you can learn more details of how this revolutionary new platform performs and can provide more accurate sound processing, personalized fittings and natural hearing experiences for your patients.

Here’s a preview of the benefits you’ll gain from the course:

  • Learn how Speech Variable Processing with SmartCompress technology intelligently amplifies sound by controlling compression and gain in speech-in-noise environments as well as in non-speech environments, for more clarity and comfort than ever before
  • Understand how the three coordinated technologies of SPiN (Speech in Noise) Management work together to highlight conversation while keeping distracting noises to a minimum with directional microphones and noise reduction technologies, all activated through personalized settings
  • Discover how the new Dual-Radio Wireless system eliminates the need for intermediary devices when streaming wireless audio with 2.4 GHz and near-field magnetic induction, making transmissions faster and optimizing battery life

When these new, leading-edge features are combined with the variety of others within SoundDNA – such as Binaural Noise Management which keeps sound balanced from ear-to-ear, or the gradual increase of gain settings that help new listeners adjust to their hearing aids — Audiologists can be confident that offering Enchant at their practice means their patients have access to the latest innovative hearing instruments on the market today.

Sonic has always been known for delivering natural sound, but with Enchant, featuring the SoundDNA technology platform, we’re delivering it in a brand-new way. Access our free on-demand webinar today on Audiology Online, and discover how you can make Everyday Moments Magical with a little help from Sonic.

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