The Internet of Things and Enchant Hearing Devices

Join us for a Sonic Spotlight: June 20, 2018 4 PM ET

It sounds like an imaginary, fantastical Dr. Seuss concept, but the Internet of Things is a technologically advanced reality that can benefit our everyday lives.

The Internet of Things (loT) connects devices like phones, computers, cars, and appliances with each other, allowing them to exchange data more efficiently to make life more convenient. What’s really exciting is what IoT can offer the hearing-challenged community.

Did you know that Enchant hearing aids can connect with more than 500 internet-connected devices and services? During our Sonic Spotlight webinar, our hearing care expert, Scott Bunnell, AuD, will provide an overview of Enchant and its IoT capabilities.

Here are some real-life trigger-and-action examples with IoT and Enchant:

  • When the batteries in your Enchant hearing aids are low, you can receive a text message notification
  • When someone rings your smart doorbell, your Enchant hearing aids can provide a verbal message
  • When you arrive at work, your Enchant hearing aids can automatically switch to a designated program
  • When someone enters your home when you’re not there, you can get an alert from your smart home security system through your Enchant hearing aids
  • When you select TV as your audio input source on your Enchant hearing aids, you can set the smart lights in the living room to dim

If you’re a hearing care professional, this course isn’t for CEU credit, but it is a topic you’ll want to understand fully so that you can share IoT information and features with customers who may want to know more about this fascinating technology.

Access our free webinar on AudiologyOnline and discover how, with a little help from Sonic, you can make Everyday Sounds Better.

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