Exclusive Webinar: How to Use Our Advanced New EXPRESSfit® Pro 2018.2 software

The new EXPRESSfit® Pro 2018.2 software platform includes many powerful tools to simplify the fitting process for professional and patient. In this step-by-step 60-minute online course on October 10 at 4:00pm ET, we’ll cover how to install the latest Enchant fitting software and how to program Enchant devices, customize adaptations, and update Enchant firmware for devices and accessories.

First, we’ll demonstrate how to use the Sonic Software Updater to install the new EXPRESSfit® Pro 2018.2 software. The software can be easily downloaded or you can also ask your Sonic representative.

Then we’ll discuss how to use the Firmware Updater to update all Sonic hearing devices and accessories. For accessories, the new firmware offers sound quality and stability improvements, plus compatibility with the latest mobile phones. After you update, we’ll tell you how to restore patient settings, which is key to their satisfaction.

We’ll cover how you can use our new Transfer Settings feature to move settings from any Enchant model or style to any other Enchant model or style for when a patient seeks a change.

Then we’ll do a deep dive in the software itself, and demonstrate how to navigate screens, manage client data, and how to choose supported fitting algorithms, including Best Fit Fast and Best Fit Fast SE, among others.

Another tool to achieve a great fit for individual patients is our Adaptation Manager. We’ll go over how you can control gain increases and set the time period, from one week to four months. We’ll also discuss other features in the Enchant platform, including Feedback Manager, Frequency Transfer, and Tinnitus SoundSupport.

Looking outside the core platform, Sound Studio is a great tool to give patients a hearing aid “preview.” We’ll review how to demonstrate noise reduction and directional technologies, as well as frequency shape for specific environments. It’s all about providing a personalized sound experience for each patient.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a thorough review of Enchant devices and how to adjust them for a better first fit and simplified fitting overall. You’ll also have a deeper understanding of tools you can use to personalize hearing experiences for all of your patients.

Make Everyday Sounds Better for your patients, starting today. Register for “EXPRESSfit® Pro 2018.2: Simplifying Fittings,” our essential, comprehensive course on October 10 at 4:00pm ET.

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