Dual Radio: Stay Connected

Are your customers having trouble staying connected with the world around them? If so, check out our latest CEU webinar, Dual Radio: Stay Connected for an update on the latest advances from the team at Sonic. 

The newest devices on the Sonic SoundDNA platform offer advanced wireless capabilities with the dual radio system – a wireless system that features a number of connections, which enables your patients to stay connected throughout their day. In this 60-minute online course, you will learn about each component of this dual radio system, the connections available, how these connections are made and many of the advanced features accessible through this system.

We will first discuss the components of a dual radio system and how, through SoundDNA technology, Sonic has incorporated each of these into the Enchant, Captivate and Trek devices. There are two main pieces to the dual radio puzzle. First, ear to ear wireless transmissions, which are performed by a technology known as near field magnetic induction or NFMI. 

The second component is the direct-to-hearing aid wireless transmission. In discussing this second piece of the dual radio puzzle, we will take a deeper dive into the various Bluetooth protocols present within hearing aids and how they function. We will also provide information on the various possible connections available through each Bluetooth protocol.

Sonic offers a wide variety of products and accessibility options within our Connectivity Portfolio, and this course will teach you the function of each device and the process for connecting and/or pairing them. From TV streaming, connections to mobile phones, wireless programming, wireless remote controls, and the exclusive SoundLink 2 app, Sonic has your patients’ connectivity needs covered. 

By the end of this course, you will have a working understanding of the dual radio system and its components. You will be prepared to assist patients with their connectivity needs and help them create lasting connections that truly help make Everyday Sounds Better.

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