Your Guide to Purchasing Hearing Aids

Congratulations! You’ve officially started your journey towards better hearing, which means you’re on the road to making Everyday Sounds Better. And while this is an exciting milestone, you may be faced with a lot of new questions. What is my level of hearing loss? Which style hearing aid is best for me? What are the benefits of these new, innovative features? While your hearing care professional will help you determine all the specific details of your treatment plan, there are a few ways you can prepare before investing in a hearing instrument — to make your journey towards better hearing even more successful. Consider utilizing this checklist before making your purchase:

  1. Identify your hearing healthcare team and their location. These are the people who will always be there for you throughout every step of your journey towards better hearing. Your primary care physician can guide you to the appropriate hearing care expert — whether it’s an ENT specialist in a nearby city or a local Audiologist in your neighborhood. Friends, family and loved ones can help ensure you always have the support you need outside the doctor’s office. But if you can, bring a friend or family member with you to your hearing care appointments. Many hearing care professionals recommend following this tactic, as friends and family can help explain how your hearing affects certain scenarios from their perspective, and can also help you digest new information.
  2. Think ahead about which factors are most important to you. What are your goals for hearing? What is your budget? Do you have a specific feature in mind that you want? This information is crucial for both you and your hearing care professional to understand and acknowledge. It will help them develop a comprehensive treatment plan and make valuable recommendations addressing the issues that affect you the most. Exploring these preliminary questions is incredibly beneficial and will ensure all your hearing needs are being met.
  3. Maximize your time with your hearing care professional. This is where you’ll gain all the tools you need to enhance your hearing, for life. If your hearing care professional does prescribe a hearing aid, you’ll be informed of the most effective ways to use and care for your device before you leave the office – and can review anything unclear at follow-up appointments. Learning and understanding every detail of your hearing loss will help you continually address your ever-evolving hearing needs — including how to manage challenging listening environments and what to expect for the future.
  4. Get the most from your hearing aids. Properly fitted devices, a strong support system and open communication go a very long way. From customized settings to personalized listening programs, you will begin to embrace the sounds that enrich everyday life and gain overall satisfaction with your new hearing technology. Connect with the hearing loss community. Participate in group discussions. Join the conversation online. And most of all, never stop asking questions. Both hearing care professionals and the hearing loss community love the opportunity to discuss their experiences and explain hearing health. That’s why every question — big or small — is worth asking.
  5. Give it some time. Make a commitment to wearing your hearing aids daily. It’s a new experience and it does take time to get used to enhanced hearing. Your brain needs to adapt to hearing all the sounds around you again. Keep a notebook with you to record questions and observations to discuss at your follow-up appointments.

Choosing to take control of your health means you can become empowered by it. And at Sonic, our mission is to make Everyday Sounds Better for every one of the individuals who use our products. Are you ready to embrace the sounds that make each moment in life so special? Find a hearing center near you, bring your hearing aid checklist and ask your hearing care professional how Sonic hearing aids can benefit you!

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