May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Help us raise awareness all month long!

Every May, we are given the chance to celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month to raise awareness and appreciate the life changing services offered by Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has chosen the theme, “Communication For All,” in an effort to highlight the critical role communication plays in our lives. People often ignore or don’t think about the possibility of “suffering” from problems related to communication, however approximately 46 million Americans are struggling with a communication disorder that has a real and lasting impact.


We will be doing our part to spread awareness all month. Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Educate Yourself and Others

Whether you or a loved one have hearing loss or wear a hearing aid, there is always more you can learn about how hearing loss develops and the many solutions available. Once you’ve taken the steps to better understand hearing loss and have seen the benefits of wearing hearing aids first hand, you can educate others including family, friends and coworkers on how they can help to support you.

Through education, people will begin to empathize with hearing loss sufferers, be more conscious of their needs and maybe address their own hearing difficulties. Be sure to explain to others the positive impact that hearing aids have had on you personally, as this will be the best way to motivate people to take steps to address their own hearing loss.

2. Become an Advocate

Once you’ve discussed hearing loss with those around you, take it a step further. Make yourself heard by sharing your story online. Consider discussing how hearing solutions have made a positive impact on your life. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has great tools that you can use to help people better understand actions they can take to prevent the potential onset of hearing loss, support others with hearing problems, or manage any current hearing issues. Just one share or post is all it takes to get people thinking about their hearing health.

3. Support and Donate to Hearing Related Charities

Supporting hearing related charities and encouraging others to donate can be a great way to get involved. Encouraging your network of friends and family, school board or workplace to fund charities that focus on hearing health is a great way to take part in spreading awareness of hearing loss. Some great charities to support are Hearing Charities of America (HCOA), Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss.

For more information on hearing loss and the wide range of solutions available, visit our blog, website or talk to a hearing care professional near you.

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