Tips for Halloween with Hearing Loss

Spooky footsteps. Eerie lights. A witch’s cackle. Ghoulish howls. Sounds a lot like Halloween! Everyone knows this time of year is meant to be slightly scary, but Halloween accompanied by hearing loss can be even more frightening — especially in the dark. However, hearing loss shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a good fright on Halloween night! Whether you’re trick-or-treating with family, attending a Halloween party or enjoying from the sidelines, here are five tips to make the most of your wicked celebrations:

  1. Check your hearing aids. Before you leave the house, be sure to inspect your hearing aids to ensure they are functioning properly. Think: Is my volume level comfortable? Are my batteries fully charged? Do I have extras just in case? Nothing puts a strain on the horrifically fun festivities of Halloween night like suddenly being unable to hear those around you! Being prepared will help you avoid any mishaps, inconvenient adjustments or communication struggles in the dark.
  2. Keep your hearing aids secure. You can still dress up like a zombie, goblin, witch or other creepy character for Halloween, but be sure your makeup, accessories or masks do not interfere with your hearing aids. Debris from face paint, glitter or hairspray can easily cause your microphones to malfunction. And masks can sometimes dislodge your hearing aids. Be sure to put on any face paint or makeup before putting on your hearing instruments, and ensure your masks or accessories don’t obstruct the security of their positioning or functioning.
  3. Take a flashlight. Living with hearing loss means you’ve more than likely adapted other resources to help you communicate. From lip reading to hand gestures, communication comes with more than just simply hearing sounds. But without the proper lighting, it can be hard to use these other tools you rely on for communication. Bringing a flashlight not only allows you to see where you’re going, but it can also be useful when you need light specifically on lips and hands.
  4. Travel in groups. With or without hearing loss, it’s important to be with other people to stay safe and of course, to enjoy your spooky celebrations with the best company! It will also help to be around people who understand your hearing loss needs to avoid feeling any unnecessary discomfort during your festivities. Having a plan of action for the evening — including meeting places, check-in spots and return times will help you have a safe and happy Halloween.
  5. Give yourself sound space. All the parties, haunted houses and trick-or-treating can get stressful – and loud. Some hearing conditions, like Tinnitus (or ringing in the ears, can worsen under high stress levels. And if you’re a guest at a party, music (usually at around 100 decibels) can be harmful to your hearing. Make sure you have a space where you can de-stress, re-group and give your ears a break from the events.

Halloween is just around the corner, so be sure to check and test your hearing before the monstrous celebrations ensue. This ominously exciting time is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and hearing loss should never stop you from making Everyday Moments Magical. Being extra mindful of your hearing needs will ensure you can make the most of your Halloween. But above all else, the most important tip to remember is this: Enjoy your night and the spooky treats that come with it!

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