Dual Radio: Stay Connected

Are your customers having trouble staying connected with the world around them? If so, check out our latest CEU webinar, Dual Radio: Stay Connected for an update on the latest advances from the team at Sonic. The newest

Five Ways to Improve Your Hearing

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of healthy hearing? Is it successfully passing a hearing test? Or perhaps it’s the ability to clearly understand speech in noisy environments. According to the Hearing Loss

Prioritize Your Hearing in 2020

Even though we may choose to start the new year off with the utmost tenacity and determination, after only a few short weeks, our motivations can sometimes fade away. Why do we fail? Perhaps we overestimate how much time we have, or maybe…

Holiday Parties: A Guide to Success

The holiday season is a time for celebrations that bring far-flung family and friends together. At each gathering, it's likely that at least one of the attendees may have hearing loss. Making sure they're included in all the festivities