The Science of Hearing Aids

You probably know what hearing aids look like, and you likely know that wearing one may significantly improve your quality of life if you have hearing loss. But do you know how hearing aids really work? The answer isn’t overly complicated.

Tips for Improved Virtual Meetings

Working and socializing look much different than they did a few months ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has moved many personal and professional interactions to virtual meeting platforms. For people with hearing loss, this shift can be

Dual Radio: Stay Connected

Are your customers having trouble staying connected with the world around them? If so, check out our latest CEU webinar, Dual Radio: Stay Connected for an update on the latest advances from the team at Sonic. The newest

Five Ways to Improve Your Hearing

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of healthy hearing? Is it successfully passing a hearing test? Or perhaps it’s the ability to clearly understand speech in noisy environments. According to the Hearing Loss